Phil Anderson aka The London Guitarist is a guitarist and composer living in London, England. An accomplished guitarist in many styles, he predominately draws from the british blues boom sound and combines it with modern expressive guitar techniques. The result is new original music that draws from classic, timeless songs, but with no limit to its direction.


Phil Anderson The London Guitarist presents his debut album "Roots". The album pays tribute to his musical roots, particularly of late sixties and early seventies british blues and hard rock. On top of that base a mixture of other styles and techniques are blended in to create something more unique. With an attempt to bridge the gap between modern and classic at every stage of production. The recording of the project used a blend of vintage/tube hardware with virtual emulations and new software.


His live performance adds a new dimension by adding looping and improvisation to create a full dynamic sound. Think Royal Blood, Cream and Jeff Beck mixed together in a solo act.

Past Projects

Starting with playing violin in various youth orchestras in Norfolk, Phil has varied musical experience.
He is a former member of The Hip Hop Orchestra, Hard Rock band Beyond Truth, Blues band Tidalstone, Folk and Funk bands.
For 2013 he celebrated the Mayan Millennium by creating a one minute track every week for a year, solely inspired by an item in the London news.

He recieved a Computer Science MEng (Masters degree in Engineering) after studying at University College London. His Master's thesis was on the subject of the use artificial intelligence in mixing audio.


His influences include Jeff Beck, Cream, Roy Buchanan, Robin Trower, Jimi Hendrix, Free, The Residents, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Heart, Stevie Salas, Boston and a wide range of other bands, guitarists and musicians.